Friday, April 2, 2010

Mais um exemplo... como vale a pena ler outras pessoas. Muitas delas entendem-nos melhor do que nós proprios e dizem numa frase aquilo que pensamos em milhares de ideias falhadas:

"The violence of Cioran's work, its verbosity and arrogance, results from a struggle with inevitable positivism.The use of aphorism is also borne of this. It demands our opposition. The blank following the sentences rises up before us. Our exasperation leaves the same silent space hovering there. This is the placeless heaven or hell Cioran is always returning us to. It is pointless to oppose or argue - or explain. One can scan the biographical parabola that gives shape to a life, thereby explaining it and the work, but something is left behind; this place he takes us to. The facts of a life help inasmuch as noise masks silence. But something is left behind. Generally, it seems students study, reviewers review, writers write and readers read in the hope of avoiding this. It's what the people want, after all."

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